Posted by: serialsone | April 2, 2013

Day 12: Biggest oops!

This topic… oh man. I’ve made lots of oops. Though the biggest one I can think of is fairly recently, on Shadow Council. I saw that there were a couple Guardian cubs for just under 3k. I bought both of them, one for Amber and myself. I knew neither of us were going to spend real money to buy them, and the undermine journal listed them on their great deals page.
Another mistake was with my recent attempt to get into the transmog market. I spent close to 5k buying a ton of transmog items, and then jacking up the price, but I made very little money doing that. Actually, I don’t think I made any.

So in the other Serials news, raid one went into Terrace of Eternal Spring or whatever (toes) and one shot everything up to Shadow of fear. Then spent the next night killing him. I think we had 5 attempts, definitely under 10 attempts, before the kill. Super awesome.
This week, raid two is going to go into Toes for a couple bosses, then go kill the big bugs. It was very good to get many kills in one night.

Posted by: serialsone | March 26, 2013

Day 11: Lesser known gold making addons

I dont have any unknown ones. The addons I use are either Auctionator/auctioneer. I can’t remember which. I had both but dropped one when I took up Tradeskill master. Now those are the only ones I use.

A little update on many fronts. Last week was spring break, so I am sorry for the silence. But I made it to 40k, and i’m sitting at 45k now. Most of this last 10k was through alchemy, specifically transmute. I even was able to send the 3k I spent on mats back to my alchemist, and still made the 45k. Pretty happy about that.

On a personal front, my priest’s raid group got Grand Empress The Bug Queen down, yay! I’m so glad to be out of heart of fear. The music in there depresses me. It sounds like the sad song from A League of their own. Plus I think it is plain. Now on to Toes, to get toes-jam loots as our raid leader Rena says.

My pally’s raid group has moved on to Garalon (so I guess not entirely out of hof) and we are struggling a little, but I have confidence in getting it down.
I’ve realized that I miss doing boss kill pictures. Gonna start doing them again, maybe in stealth and adding captions and ninja them on the guild website and see when people notice them, lol.

Posted by: serialsone | March 15, 2013

Day 10: Do you farm materials?

I use too farm my own materials, I wouldnt purchase anything from the auction house. With exception to what I gathered through other things, like cloth from killing things. Now I dont do much farming except when I am leveling a profession up. I’ll farm all of that because the thought of spending all that money for materials and how long it would take to remake that… No thanks.

Posted by: serialsone | March 14, 2013

Day 9: Favorite niche market

Honestly, I dont have one and that could be why I haven’t been able to clear 50k gold ever. I’ve tried many markets, including pvp tailoring crafted items, which is doing well. But it’s not exciting. I tried to get into the transmog market, spent nearly 4k buying low priced items and bumping them up, but people on my server must be willing to go farm because I can’t seem to get rid of these same 50 items.
Maybe I should get more organized and do spreadsheets to.track my sales. Might be an eye opener. I’ll set that up this weekend, maybe. I planned on setting up alchemy in tsm and adding that to my tailoring, and if i’m really ambitious, enchanting.

Posted by: serialsone | March 13, 2013

Day 8: Did you reach your goal? Set a new one.

Well, we already talked about this. That’s alright, I’ll just update. I’m up to 27.5k gold. My goal is still 40k. Getting there. Though how I did this in the last few days I’ll explain in the next few days. I dont want to get a head of myself.

Raiding news/update. Truxx logged on an hour late last night by accident of time change, but we already started raiding by giving me a chance to tank on my mostly dps geared pally and it went really well. Reav was impressed and even said (in half jest) that perhaps he should replace truxx as tank and me tank, truxx dps. Lol. I had issues with dying to elegon’s breath, but I have some ideas after reading everything from icy-veins and /gasp elitistjerks. I know, I posted how I can’t decipher EJ, but I have learned. Not as scary anymore. Yay. I really want to tank elegon again tonight to implement my changes.

Posted by: serialsone | March 11, 2013

Goal accomplished

During the early posts of 20 days of gold making, I set a goal for myself. That goal was set low, but I wanted it to be obtainable. I need smaller goals to keep up and strive for, because a large/long term goal doesnt keep me motivated. It becomes too obscure in the middle of everything and I’ll get distracted by something, or talk myself out of the importance of the goal.
With that in mind, my next goal is set to 40k. I’m not giving myself a time constraint, just a number.

On other news, I talked to Reav and even Rena (gm and leader of raid 1, and another person of fun to hang around, expect her to be mixed into the cast of characters) tried talking to Reav, but still he doesnt want to commit to my tanking. I dont know his reasons, I dont think he has a firm idea of them. But I did a bunch of reading, as well as Amber and Skarr, and we’ve discovered that pallies can go for haste and tank basically in ret gear. That means no more struggle for getting tank geared before April. So we decided to try it in some heroics. Tried it in a few.ways. Tried swapping just a few pieces that I had extra dps or even tank gear, gemmed, reforged for avoidance. Queue heroics with Skarr healing, seal of insight (for easier healing) and Skarr said I took almost no damage. Run another using seal of truth and the other, there as more spiky healing, but not bad. Now this is much easier to accomplish.

Posted by: serialsone | March 8, 2013

Gold selling ethics

Heres my question. Most gold makers I know have a bank alt for a little anonymity, or at least I do. However, someone from my guild who recently came back to wow, and has been pretty cool to hang out with so far, bought some of my tailoring crafted greens/blues for the character hes playing catchup on. Do I give him his money back, or leave it since he doesnt know my alt, and was purchasing anyway?

One side of me thinks to leave it since I could easily have missed who was buying, he doesnt know the seller, and thats the point of the alt. But the other side is that this is someone who’s becoming a friend, and had I known he was looking, I’d have given them to him.

Posted by: serialsone | March 7, 2013

Thoughts on 5.2.

So far I like 5.2. I’m currently trying to gear my pally and spriest, though the pally is much more work since she is so far behind. Also I might be having to get her geared to tank before April to replace group 2’s other tank, not Amber. Though this isnt fully decided because Reav seems to constantly forget that this is the reason for bringing me being back in raid 2 when I really dont want to raid 4 nights a week. The original plan was to use my pally to get tank geared, then when truxx (other tank besides amber) comes back, I’d switch to my warlock when shes geared. But Reav keeps forgetting this. I’m going to have to talk to him and find out his plan. Either me getting geared, or if he plans on finding someone else. I hate to say this but I havent been able to work on my lock at all since we decided (I guess temporarily) to gear my pally, and if we are not going to get her geared then I dont really want to raid 4 nights a week. I’m getting better at melee dps, but I’m not as big a fan as ranged in raids. Though I do like having no competition on gear.

Anyway, back to 5.2. With the patch having come out on our raid night, I have only completed a handful of quests before having to raid, and I appreciated having the free (with vp) neck on my pally, I grabbed the tanking one, since I had just gotten a 489 dps neck, and to help the.above mentioned endeavor. I did not, however, have enough VP on my priest because I had vp dumped the week before upgrading 2 pieces twice. I’m close though. I’m at about 930, so provided I can actually do all the dailies tonight (no reason not to since theres no raids) I think I will be able to get the neck before fridays raid.
I also own the farm on my priest, so those few work orders will help. However, a word of caution. Do not join a raid group for Galleon when youve finished planting the 8 seeds for the faction. You will complete the first part, ending the work order, but you will not get the second part of the quest to harvest. The second part is where the rep comes from. Leaving the raid group, resetting the farm, digging up the crops and replanting did not trigger the second part, and I could not aquire the first part again. Mildly annoying.

On a different note, I have become mostly successful at dodging the devestating combos from the last boss in Mogushan Vaults. Which we cleared in group 2 last night, and got the first boss in heart of fear. Very proud. Now to kill Garalon. I hate heart of fear.

Posted by: serialsone | February 28, 2013

Day 7: Starting over – how?

I feel like I’ve done this many times with all my server transfers. But if I were truly starting over, as in rolling a level 1 and going about it that way…. I’d roll a warlock, get it to level 10, then get either mining/herbing, or if lower level herbs dont sell well, skinning. I’d start from day one with running an ah scan, that way after about a week I have a good basis of the auction house prices for tool tips. I’d have created a bank alt so all the ore/herbs(/skins) can sit in a mail box waiting to be sold after that first week. I’d also run around and see if I could buy any limited number vendor items if I had enough from questing, but I doubt it.
After that week, I’d sell all the gathers I gathered. Once those sell, use that capitol to look for deals to flip, starting with higher level herbs. I also would leave my lock around level 10 just getting the starter gathers, and meats (like boar, and wolf) to sell until I had plenty to play with on the auction house.
I have actually run this test when I’ve been assessing a new server to see how the economy is before transferring.

Posted by: serialsone | February 28, 2013

Day 6: Best market over the years?

(You might have noticed I skipped day 5. Thats because it was already answered in day 4. Oops)
My best market has been tailoring, but hasnt been that great. Though I hope that with the new tailoring pvp gear from 5.2 this will change. Why? Well, I got a new satin robes yesterday and I think i’m the first on my server. There is no history on the Undermine Journal, so I threw them on there for 25k. I know they won’t sell at that, but I hope I can set the prices high so I can get more money down the line. Will it work? I have no idea. I’ll let you know. Though it would be really great if it did sell at this price.

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