Posted by: serialsone | October 15, 2009

The words to express

Just how much I hate healing, and for several reasons, but Gnomeaggedon expresses it so much better.

And for those who dont want to go over and read this excellent post, here’s a blurb from him, “No more Snoozefest 80% of the time, let’s have Oh Shit 80% of the time.

Then for that final 20% let’s make you wonder why you ever rolled a healer, let’s make the party hate you for not keeping them alive.”

Also, “Snoozefest is 80%+ of a healers life. Earth Shield is up with riptide on the tank, the tanks got all the aggro, no AoE damage incoming… Time to stare at the walls, watch YouTube, redo those toolbars.

I can’t get my mind around this stage… It is like logging in and sitting at the bank in Dalaran. Or going to the AH and doing an Auctioneer scan. It’s automatic.”

So that pretty much covers why I hate healing…its a thankless job, no clear way of saying “wow that was an awesome healer.” Except when things go bad and “you wonder why you ever rolled a healer.”

On another note, we did 25man Ulduar last night, and I came in at 8th dps, and I even managed to get Sugar in because we were short a dps. I was only about 130dps behind her! Man thats an awesome feeling. I did some farther reading up from Pugnacious Priest’s who apparently doesnt dps adds…That completely explains why my dps has been the suck for ever, i’ve always switched targets!! Oh man, now that I know that, tonight, my dps will be rocking when we head back into Uld (hopefully…unless of course I just fuck everything up, and I’ll pull an awesome 500dps. That’d be a kick in the pants.)

My rogue, awesome lvl 43 now. She’s stabbing around and kicking her way through Dustwallow, and received a few quests from Tabetha. Is that the same Tabetha as in Durnholde? I thought she died…which of course would make it a while ago. Probably not.

And as always, even though I’m very happy with my priest at the moment, even if they are nerfed and gimped, I’m resisting the urge to make a warlock…And since I cant to that, I’m even considering making a hunter just so I can see what thats all about. I find myself killing things on the rogue and wondering if I can make them a pet. Of course, Aspect of the Haremight have something to do with that.


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